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Brand new online casinos are something that many players are keen to wait for when it comes to gambling. Why? Well, the answer is simple. It is something new and there might be new bonuses and other goodies waiting for them. No wonder those popular. We are also happy to introduce new Brite casinos and do the hard work for you by reviewing them. Brite kasinot(casinos in Finland), are sites that have this trusted payment method from Sweden. On this article you´ll find some links where to find the most suitable ones for you.

Brand New Online Casinos

Did you know that at best there are several brand new online casinos every week. The competition is tough between them and the markets are in players´ favor. In order for them to get us players visit and play, they actually need to have something to offer.

Are they always good? Can you trust them?

The simpler answer here is “no”. You cannot immediately trust on a new site just because it is new. Not all of them are playing with fair cards and in worst case, their funding is not in the right place, so they might be in trouble if a player hits a big win. In general, these days many brand new online casinos are trustworthy and the wild days are over. This is because of the licenses.

Nowadays, first of all, do not play at the casino that does not have a license. Luckily, those are even hard to find since nobody promotes them, they would not have any decent games and so on.

So in order to set up a casino these days, the owners need to go through a process which shows the licenser that they are able to run a casino. Of course, mistakes can happen and the site might turn out to be non-profitable and then it will be shut down.

The most common issue with brand new online casinos is problems with withdrawals. It means that new players might not be getting what they have won and the casinos makes the process as difficult as possible.

Bonuses on brand new online casinos

Yes, brand new online casinos can have bonuses. Often those can be even a bit better, because they want the players to come and try their site. By better, we mean bigger percentages or lower wagering requirements.

Commonly you see these sites having bonuses such as 100%, 200% up to certain amount. Another one you see these are spins. For example, 200 spins on a certain game. The value per spin is usually around 10 (euro)cents. At best these can come without wagering requirements.

Now of course, it is understandable that players prefer often percentages, since the spins are the same for everyone, no matter how much you deposited.

These days cashback casinos are on the rise. They offer players a piece of their money back in case they lose their deposit.

Unfortunately, no deposit bonuses are not that common anymore.

In case you are living in the UK, UK Bookmakers is listing some good bonuses.

Does every country have same brand new online casinos?

Unfortunately not. Main reason for this is licensing and the second reason is that even if the casino´s license allows them to accept players from around the world, they still might not do but instead target their services to certain countries.

Generally, Curacao casinos are the ones that accept players from the most countries. They usually have the widest selection of languages and currencies available.

MGA casinos however, have a bit better reputation among the players. It is because the license is considered as a bit better. MGA also allows these casinos to offer their games to players around the world. Though, these casinos usually do not accept players from everywhere. Especially not from the countries that do not allow their citizens to play on foreign online casinos.

Should you play on brand new or at old online casinos?

Well, generally you should not have to choose between the 2. You can actually play on both, depending on your day. In this case, it is better that we just list some benefits and disadvantages of playing on a brand new online casino. If you already have a favorite existing online casino, there is no need to quit playing there entirely.


In general, brand new online casinos are what they are – casinos. Just like the existing ones. So it is not very often that you will find something mind bending.

  • At best, you will find great bonuses with amazing terms. This is simply because they want you to try their casino.
  • You might find fresh looks.
  • You might also find something outstanding, like social gaming was the latest trend. However, yet it remains to be seen what is the next new thing.
  • You might treated like a king/queen, because they want you to stay.


Nothing is perfect, so here is why brand new online casinos might not be the best thing for you.

  • You may not always be sure, if the site processes the withdrawals properly.
  • You cannot know if they process anything properly.
  • There is always a risk, that a new site might go down before they even got started.
  • There might some other user issues on the site, such as issues with depositing.
  • The operator might not know how to treat their players right and the “old” site, that you have played so far, might know your habits already and how to keep you happy.


Brand new online casinos can be an exciting experience in good and bad. For this reason, we always recommend that you read the reviews before making a deposit. That ensures that you will have the best possible gaming experience and you will be in good hands. However, always remember that you solely responsible and that gamble responsibly and stay within your limits.  

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Päivittäinen jopa 15 % cashback


Jopa 20% cashback päivittäin


Päivittäinen käteispalautus jopa 15%

PowerUp Casino

Kasino: 120% jopa 240€ + max 100x. Vedonlyönti: 100% 200€


Kasino: 100% jopa 500€. Vedonlyönti: 100% 150€


Päivittäin jopa 15% cashback

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